3 easy ways of joining crochet circles

Crochet circles
Slipped, spiral, reverse-slip

I’m gonna show you 3 ways of joining crochet circles which each have their own look and style, and you can choose according to the project at hand.

  • Slipped
  • Spiral
  • Reverse-slip

Names I just gave them now, so we have a way of differentiating them


This is first one I learned when starting with crochet. It’s also very simple to do.

Start of round

Each time you start a round, you make a chain according to the stitches you are going to use.
If single crochet (US term) / double crochet (UK term), then 1 chain, and otherwise 1 more for each size difference (double, treble), just like you would do with squares:

Starting chain crochet

End of round

When you come to the end of the round you make a slip stitch into the top of the chain, that you made in the beginning:

Start of stitch in crochet circle
Start of stitch in crochet circle with loop
Finish stitch in crochet circle

And then you start the new round.

How it looks

The result is mostly fine, and the only visible traces of the joining is lines appearing from the slip stitch performed:

Lines in crochet circle
Zoomed in crochet circle lines


This is one of the easiest the perform, which also gives a nice result.

The biggest issue I have with it is keeping track of what round you are in.

Start/End of round

You simply continue stitching into the first stitch of the previous round:

Start of crochet spiral

Which, as mentioned before, can be hard to see where is. My suggestion is using a stitch marker if you don’t want to keep counting all the time.

How it looks

You will with a circle with no visible joins, since there are none:

Crochet spiral end

It of course also creates a spiral pattern,since you keeping continuing round and round, which can be a nice addition to some projects.

Just remember to hide away the extra ‘tip’ at the end.


With the reverse-slip there is 2 main differences to the slipped method.

  1. No starting chain
  2. You slip the other way

Start of round

When yo start the round, instead of a starting chain you instead stretch the loop on the needle to be bigger than normal:

Stretch loop

The height should be about the same as the height of crochets you are going to make in the loop.

Then you crochet on top of the first stitch from the previous round.

End of round

When you get to the end of the round you let go of the loop on the needle, and then put in the hook from the backside of the first stitch. Then you get the loop and slip it through the first stitch:

Back of stitch
Get the loop
Slip through stitch

And then you are ready for the next round.


Now you have 3 options for joining crochet circles in your toolbox. Choose according to preference or how you want the result to look like.

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