3D Crochet Heart for someone special

3D crochet heart in hand

Guide to make a 3D crochet heart for someone special in your life.
Great extra gift to make for someone on Valentine’s Day 😉

Before you begin


  • SC: Single crochet (American term, see here for difference between British and American terms)
  • INC: 2 single crochets in one stitch
  • DEC: 2 stitches crocheted into one (Guide here)
  • [Number]: Means how many stitches should there will be in total when done with a ‘row’

Yarn type

Yarn for needle size 3.0 mm or 4.0 mm is preferred.

Soft and of course red is best 🙂


You need filling for the heart.

Something simple like pillow filling or cotton will work. Otherwise use an actual filling product (can be bought in most hobby stores).


3D crochet heart on surface

We have 3 parts for the heart:

  • 1 part for left top
  • 1 part for right top
  • 1 part for the bottom of the heart

Top parts

Make 2 of these half-balls. With the first one you cut the yarn, but with the second one, you don’t.

0. Make a magic circle with 6 stitches (guide here)
1. INC in each stitch [12]
2. (1 SC, INC) x 6 [18]
3-4. SC in each stitch

When done with the last row of the second half-ball, you then do another round and continue on top of the stitches of the first half-ball.
All the way around and back to the second half-ball, so you are where you started.
This way you have attached the 2 half-balls together and have 36 stitches in total.

Bottom part

1. SC in each stitch
2. (4 SC, DEC) * 6 [30]
3. SC in each stitch
4. (3 SC, DEC) * 6 [24]
5. SC in each stitch
Now is a good time to put in some filling.
6. (2 SC, DEC) * 6 [18]
7. SC in each stitch
8. (SC, DEC) * 6 [12]
9. SC in each stitch
10. 6 DEC [6]
Then cut the yarn and close off the last stitch.
Afterwards sew the back loop of each of the 6 stitches, and pull to close off the bottom.

Bigger versions

It’s easy to create bigger versions of the heart, if so desired.

Top parts

First you make the half-balls bigger.
Each row has one extra SC before increasing.
3. (2 SC, INC) * 6 [24]
4. (3 SC, INC) * 6 [30]
And then for each extra row added, you make one extra row of SC around the stitches, in the end.
So if increased 2 extra rows, you will do 4 rows with SC, instead of just 2.

Bottom part

When it comes to the bottom part of the heart, you follow the pattern of:
1. SC in each stitch
2. (N SC, DEC) * 6.
Where N = ((Current stitches in row) – 12)/6.
So for example: N = ((30) – 12)/6 => 18/6 = 3
You do this until you have 6 stitches left, and close off the bottom as normal.

Extra details

To make the heart extra special, you can decorate with some text on the heart.
Like I’ve done here by inserting initials:

3D crochet heart with initals


You now have a 3D crochet heart, to give to someone special in your life.

I’ve created them in the past for my wife with great success 🙂

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