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This blog is about the 2 major crafts for creating stuff from yarn.

Knitting and crochet.

Both have their own advantages and disadvantages for certain projects, but they can both accomplish close to the same things in the end. So up to the creator to choose, when and what craft to use.

My suggestion, if not learned already, is to learn the basics about both, so you can choose according to the project at hand.


The old and still widespread method of creating stuff from yarn

Mostly used for creating garment, but only your fantasy sets the limits with knitting. You can create the most wonderful patterns for something as simple as a baby blanket.



The less known brother/sister of knitting

Not as widespread as knitting but in the last decade or so it has been more and more popular.

It is more versatile than knitting, when it comes to 3-dimensional constructions. For example for making amigurumis.


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