[Etsy] Knitted Leaf Baby blanket

About it

My latest creation, that I’m really proud of finally finishing 😀

Back in January I looked into my next project, which I decided was going to be a baby blanket.
Which resulted in this beautiful creation.

I researched online (Ravelry and Google), and also checked out a few books from the local library, where I normally find a lot of inspiration.
In one of the books I came across a baby blanket recipe using a leaf pattern, and I immediately felt: “This is the pattern!”. After showing it to my wife, she also came to the same conclusion.

After further inspection I realized the recipe seemed to be broken. Typos, and instructions that didn’t add up when checking the stitch counts. I tried to look online for any corrections for the book, but results turned out empty…
So I spend a lot of time creating my own leaf pattern based on the recipe, filling out the typos and adding the correct increases and decreases to make the pattern work.
Afterwards I extended the recipe with a simple pattern for the edge, to encapsulate the leaf pattern.

Where is the recipe

For the first time ever, I’ve tried uploading a pattern to Etsy. To see if people might be interested in actually paying for using one of my patterns.
I tried to put it at what I thought would be a low price, extra low to compensate for Etsy’s share, and I hope people will find it fair.

You can find it right here.

I hope you want to try it out 🙂

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